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We are pleased to offer a large selection of rifles and can order others.

Sako M995 30-378 Weatherby Mag (C)

Sako TRG-S is perfect rifle for hunters looking for synthetic large-action performance. The extremely accurate rifle is based on the world renowned TRG-design and technology. Massive bolt with three symmetrical locking lugs and short 60° lift. Detachable magazine that feeds straight into the chamber. Black, high-tech composite stock with integrated reinforced skeleton for increased rigidity and accuracy

Price $1289.00

Marlin Camp 9MM (C)

As the name implies, it was designed as a utility firearm to be used around hunting camps for foraging or defense. It was made in 9mm Parabellum and .45 ACP calibers and can use the same magazines as popular handguns in those calibers, in keeping with a convenient American tradition of having a carbine and handgun using common ammunition.

Price $600.00

Radical FSG12 AR-15 .223/5.56

The Radical Firearms complete AR-rifle is a fully Mil-Spec AR-15 rifle built using our law enforcement grade upper receivers and mil spec lowers. The 4150 Chromoly Vanadium Steel barrels are Melonite treated for a harder-than chrome finish without chrome's accuracy robbing side effects! This same finish is applied to the bolt carrier groups, helping to reduce receiver wear and increase reliability. The bolt heads are MIL-STD and MPI for quality assurance. The full-length, free float handguard keeps your hands cool and provides plenty of room for accessories. As an added touch, we are adding a Radical Firearms 12" FGS (Forward Guard Shield) Round Rail that we built from scratch in-house! The FGS rail even has the capability to add attachments other than on the top picatinny rail, as it does allow Magpul Moe attachments and RF rail sections.

-16" M4 5.56 Melonite Barrel 4150V Chromoly
-1 in 7" twist rate
-5.56 Chamber with M4 Feed Ramps
-1/2x28 Thread Pitch
-M16 Milspec HPT/MPI BCG
-RF Low Profile Micro Gas Block
-Stainless Carbine-length gas system
-Direct Gas Impingement
Mil-Spec A2 Flash Hider
-12" Free Float Radical Firearms FGS Round Rail
-Picatinny Top Rail
-Allows for the use of Magpul MOE and RF FGS Rail Attachments
-Forged Upper Receiver with Forward Assist, -Shell Deflector
-Forged Radical Firearms Lower
-Milspec Lower Parts Kit
-Ergo Sure Grip
-M4 Collapsible Stock

Price $575.00

Browning X-Bolt .308 Win 30" (C)

When the need calls for a hard-working, rugged, and accurate high-powered rifle, the Browning X-Bolt Hunter is the only choice. It has the complete X-Bolt package: the crisp, adjustable Feather Trigger with no take-up or creep, preferred by experienced hunters; a center-fed Rotary magazine; the X-Lock scope mounting System; and a soft Inflex recoil pad. The target crown enables the uniform release of gas as the bullet exits the barrel, preventing a shift in trajectory and is recessed to protect it from accidental damage that degrades accuracy. The 60° bolt lift keeps the thumb and fingers clear of the scope when cycling the action and allows the bolt to be operated in a smoother, quicker motion.

Price $700.00

Chiappa X-Caliber Multi

New on consignment!

Excellent condition Chiappa X-Caliber with barrel set.

Price $800.00

Rock River LAR-15 5.56

New on consignment! Excellent condition Rock River LAR-15 in 5.56 Nato!

Price $1,150.00

Mossberg Youth .243 w/Nikon Scope & Rings

New in pre-owned! Mosberg Youth rifle in .243! Comes wit Nikon scope and rings!

Price $249.99

Ruger Takedown 10/22

CWith it's legenadry action and renowned reliable rotary magazine, the 10/22 Takedown is sleek, perfectly balanced , rugged, and superbly accurate. The 10/22 Takedown enables quick seperation of the barrel from the action for ease of transport and storage. The Takedown is as simple as locking the bolt back and verifying that the rifle is unloaded,by  pushing a recessed lever and twisting the sub-assembly and pulling it apart. Reassembly is just as easy. This allows for a secure connetion of the barrel and action ensuring consistent accuracy shot after shot.

Price: $535.00

Radical FTR-15

Introducing the Radical Firearms Civilian Version of our Patrol Rifle! Originally Designed as an out of the box mid level rifle at an entry level price for Law Enforcement and Military, we've made it to where the average citizen can now have a similar rifle to what our Law Enforcement/ Military guys are using... Throw on a set of flip up sights, or an optic and you're ready to rock and roll.

Price: $675.00 (Plus Tax)

New in Consignment! 50BMG McMillan Bolt Gun

Pristine Condition Never fired , Mcmillian 50BMG! 32" FluttedStainles Kreiger barrel with 1-15 twist and clam shell brake. Jeweled trigger  with about 2-21/2 lbs pull weight. Has a OMOA action base.Comes with KK Air Aluminum gun case, 8lbs of Vihtavouri 20N29, 48lbs of 50 BMG powder, 500 RWS primers, 100 CCI #35 primers, 50 Leighigh defense 808gr bore riders and 200 650gr Leighigh bullets. 20 Triple A 720gr bore riders and 20 740gr bore riders. Stainless steel cleaning rod and 12 bore brushes. Badger Ordanance 30mm scope rings. 100ct IMI brand new fully prepped brass, 200ct  fully prepped Lake city brass, Custom made Dies by Mike Mater from M2. Weapon built by Randy Dierks of Action Gun Works for Lite Gun 1000yrd bench rest shooting.

Price: $13,500.00

New in Consignment Beretta CX4 Storm

This light and compact carbine was designed to be completely and easily adaptable to the needs of most shooters. The operating handle, safety and magazine release are reversible and give you the opportunity to train or shoot right- or left-handed, while case ejection can also be switched from right to left. The length of pull is adjustable (one spacer included), making the CX4 easily and intuitively come up to the shoulder of most shooters. The aperture and post sights are user-adjustable, meaning that you can train with (or switch) your favorite brand of ammo without taking the carbine to a gunsmith. And after a day at the range, this carbine is a snap to take apart and reassemble, while its ultra-tough construction and surface treatment make it stand up to the hardest use.

Price: $799.99

Century Arms RAS-47

Price: $549.99

New In Consignment!

STI Custom AR (5.56, .223, .223 Wylde)

Price: $ 1540.00 (no tax)

New in Consignment! Mossberg ATR .270

Price: $250.00 (no tax)