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Big Guy's Shooting Supplies
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We are pleased to offer a large selection of rifles and can order others.

Remington 700 7mm mag

New in Consignment!

Good condition Remington 700 chambered in 7mm mag

Price: $754.99 OTD

Henry H001 Lever Action 22LR

New in Box!

The Henry Lever Action .22 is a classic western style lever action. Every
single part is made in the U.S.A. It features an extremely attractive
American walnut stock with a blued steel round barrel, side ejection, an
adjustable rear sight, hooded front sight and a grooved receiver for easy
scope mounting.

Price: $299.99

Savage MSR-15 224 Valkyrie Package deal!

New in Box!

The Savage® MSR 15 Valkyrie gets maximum performance from the all-new 224 Valkyrie cartridge, which was pioneered by Federal Premium® Ammunition to offer the best ballistics of any MSR 15 caliber. It delivers supersonic velocities at as far as 1,300 yards, extremely flat trajectories and match accuracy. Plus it produces only half the recoil of larger cartridges needed to achieve comparable trajectories. Comes with Bushnell AR/223 3-9X40 optic, 1" scope mount, bi-pod, and 1 box of ammo!

Price: Was $1,229.98

Now: $1,029.98

Weather Vanguard 24" 300 Wby Mag

On Consignment!

Excellent Condition Never Fired, New in Box Weatherby Vanguard 24" rifle chambered 300 Wby Mag.

Price: $399.99 OTD!

Rossi Rio Grande 30-30

On Consignment!

Great Condition Rossi Rio Grande chambered in 30-30. Comes with 18 boxes of ammo and soft case!

Price: $599.99 OTD!

Savage 110 FM 30-06

On Consignmnet!

Great Condition Savage 110 Fm chambered in 30-06. Comes with 3 boxes of 150gr ammo and soft case!

Price: $449.99 OTD!

Weatherby Vanguard 24" in .270 Win. W/ Bushnell Sportsview 3-9x40

On Consignment!

THE FASTEST, FLATTEST SHOOTING RIFLES on the market. Delivering the unmatched knockdown power of both Weatherby® Magnum and standard calibers. Providing the confidence of guaranteed SUB-MOA accuracy. Add in a match quality, two-stage trigger that breaks crisp and clean. That’s why the Vanguard® has become one of the most popular rifle options today. Shoulder a Weatherby® Vanguard® and see for yourself… the best rifle value on the market today.

Price: $399.99 OTD!

Ruger 10/22 Takedown 22LR

On Cosignment!

Good Conditon Ruger 10/22 Takedown 22 LR

Price: $294.99 OTD!

Mossberg ATR 243 Winchester

On Consignment!

Good Condition Mossberg ATR chambered in 243 Winchester!

Price: $249.99 OTD!

Remington 700 223 Tactical

On Consignment!

Great Condition Remington 700 Tactical chambered in .223

Price: $549.99 OTD!

Marlin 336 .219 Zipper

On Consignment!

Good Condition Marlin 336 chambered in .219 Zipper!

Price: $1,149.99 OTD!

Palmetto PA-15 5.56

On Consignment!

Good Condition Palmetto PA-15 chambered in 5.56. Comes with hard case and bayonet!

Price: $599.98 OTD!